Country Living?
Milden is a village where acquiring and having your own home is still affordable for all income levels. We have bountiful sweet water piped in from the Saskatchewan River. This makes the art of gardening in the rich clay soil even that much more successful and rewarding. Visit with your friends and neighbours over the back fence, on the street or at many functions. Experience the agricultural and farm scene first hand. Watch the many and various crops grow to fruition and then being harvested.

Experience and drink in our natural setting. Marvel at our big sky, magnificent sunsets, thousands of twinkling stars and flashing northern lights. Explore small pieces of original prairie, see wild flowers, and wild life such as mule and white-tailed deer, antelope, and huge flocks of migrating geese and cranes. Thrill to the signing of many different song birds and be at peace with yourself.

Why Milden?
Rural living has its advantages; clean air, a safe place to raise children, a tradition of neighbours knowing, helping and caring about each other. Milden is a place to experience nature in all it many form.
Our village has been a welcoming place where hundreds of families have found a fresh start. Born from its roots as an agricultural based supply centre, Milden is evolving into a diversified community supporting innovative services and businesses. Along with the legacy of farm families, wise and respected seniors, we are home to small business owners, professional service workers, tradespeople, artists, writers, telecommuters, and craft people. A place where you are invited to live, participate and enjoy life.

Living in Milden?
There are many advantages to living in Milden. The advantages of rural living include clean air, a safe place to live, work and raise children; and a friendly community where people know and care about each other.

Milden is a diversified community which is home to many talented and interesting people in all walks of life and artistic endeavours.

We are proud of our clean water supply which comes from the Saskatchewan River, low tax rates, and friendly people. We are confident that you will find Milden a good place to live and work and retire when the time comes.


Open from April 1 to October 1. Has 8 electrified sites with water and sewer hook ups $15.00/night